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Leading Your Company into the 21st Century with Cutting-Edge IT Solutions.

What We Do

Optimized Wi-Fi Deployment

Employing Ubiquiti's UniFi products, our approach to Wi-Fi installations prioritizes seamless connectivity within your business infrastructure. Leveraging these components guarantees a robust and high-performance wireless network. In specific scenarios, the integration of Ruckus Networking equipment and ci is considered, providing an advanced level of optimization for enhanced connectivity.

Integrated Access Systems and Advanced Security Cameras

Within our security solutions, we rely on UniFi Protect for its cutting-edge capabilities. NVR technology, we seamlessly scale up to accommodate hundreds of cameras with both local storage and remote viewing functionalities. Our cameras boast advanced features, and the best part? No additional monthly fees. To enhance our security ecosystem, we also integrate UniFi Access and Paxton Access Systems, ensuring a comprehensive and robust security solution.

Professional Computer and Laptop Deployment

Our deployment service involves Mobile depolyment of Dell's XPS Line of laptops for work from home senareos and desktops tailored to your specific requirements. For added convenience, we offer a cost-effective monthly or annual subscription, providing remote management, updates, and efficient issue resolution for seamless operation.

Strategic Server Deployment

Our server deployment is meticulously planned, utilizing Dell's server towers to offer essential server utilities without the need for a dedicated server room. If you seek further insights into our deployment strategies, please feel free to contact us for detailed information.

Point of Sale Systems

Empower your business operations with our cutting-edge Point of Sale (POS) Systems provided by Epos Now. From efficient inventory management to seamless payment processing, our state-of-the-art POS solutions, integrated with Epos Now software, ensure a user-friendly experience for both you and your customers.

Additionally, for specific deployments, we may utilize Square POS systems, offering flexibility to meet diverse business needs. Elevate your business efficiency and customer satisfaction with our tailored POS systems. Unlike other POS providers, we take pride in offering an easy and intuitive interface for a smoother and more enjoyable user experience.

Get a Free Site Survey and Quote!

We offer a free site survey and quote service. Our experts will assess your needs and provide a customized solution. Just give us a call.

Our Coverage

We currently provide our services across the entirety of England, ensuring accessibility and support for clients throughout the country.

Important Information

To all our current and future clients You can perspone or end your service plan with no hidden cancilation fees. Just call us, and we will be more than happy to arrange a time to remove our software. Afterward, you will still have all of the offline benefits your products originally came with.

5-Year Warranty and Service Policy

At Alarm Sense IT Services, we are committed to the quality and durability of our technology solutions. That's why we offer a comprehensive 5-year warranty on all our deployments. This means that within five years of the activation date, we guarantee to replace any faulty equipment, out of our pocket.

Our dedication to your satisfaction extends beyond the initial installation. We also provide servicing for WiFi, servers, and access systems to ensure the ongoing reliability and performance of your technology infrastructure. This commitment also extends to equipment that we did not deploy (not covered by the 5-year warranty).

Maintenance Plan

Experience peace of mind with our exclusive Maintenance Plan, available for just £5 per month or a one-time payment of £50 annually. Subscribing not only grants you a special discount on emergency callouts but also includes a comprehensive equipment checkup every two months.

Emergency Callouts

Emergency help is available for everyone, starting at £15 for the callout and first hour, and £5 for each extra hour. Customers on our maintenance plan enjoy a discount: £5 for the callout and first hour and £2 for each additional hour.

Contact Us

For inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact us:

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